Have a question or interested in collecting some of my works? Here’s how to contact me:



Russell Grantham

906 Nottingham Drive

Avondale Estates, GA  30002


About russellgrantham

I'm a journalist and transplanted Texan in Atlanta who likes to make art in his spare time.
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  1. Rick Crain says:

    Hey Russell; I just read your article on Suntrust in the AJC Sunday newspaper. What you failed to uncover is that Suntrust is contacting it’s most loyal and on-time paying customers and making it mandatory that they have to pay off their credit line for one month and then they can “go back to normal”. Can you imagine? This is how they reward loyalty which now looks like it’s part of this stress test rerun. I have a client who has been with Suntrust for 20 years that is now leaving Suntrust as a result of this unexpected and unexplained move on their part to increase capital for what must be part of this stress test rerun. I hope they lose all of their best customers as a result. Next time, find out what is really going on before giving any credit to these arrogant financial institutions. The small community banks that didn’t make the bad decisions are the ones who will surely gain from the sub-prime dilemma.

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